Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Liebster Award Nominations!

So there's this thing called the Liebster Award and I had no idea it existed! Imagine my surprise when both Booksniffer Book Reviews and Please Feed the Bookworm nominated me for just such an award within 24 hours of each other!

Here are the rules! You must...

  • List 11 facts about yourself. 
  • Answer the 11 questions asked by whoever nominated you. 
  • Nominate 9 bloggers with less than 300 followers and leave them a comment saying they've been nominated. 
  • Ask 11 new questions for your chosen nominees. 
  • You cannot re-nominate the blog that nominated you.

11 Facts About Me:
  1. Disney World is my happy place. My first visit was in 2009 and I got married there in 2012. 
  2. I used to be in the Air Force. I helped perform surgery on eyeballs. As a result of being in the military, I have had my hand in a person's stomach (routine surgery, don't panic). 
  3. My parents didn't really own books during my childhood. I know we had a Michael Jordan book and a natural home remedies manual. 
  4. If I could get away with it, I'd explore every abandoned theme park I could get to. I am fascinated by abandoned places! 
  5. I once got stuck on a mud flat in Alaska with no cell service. I really thought I was going to die.
  6. I didn't really start reading for fun until 9th grade, when a friend made me do it. 
  7. In high school I walked around with a red leather-bound copy of The Lord of the Rings trilogy for months. 
  8. The longest book I've ever read was Under the Dome
  9. I started the toe socks and flip flops trend at my high school. It actually caught on. 
  10. I've been reading The Wheel of Time series off and on for 12 years. I keep stopping and starting over.  
  11. I wear pajamas every second I'm not in public. 

Q&A with Christina @ Booksniffer Book Reviews

  1. In the case of (any) Apocalypse, what 5 fictional characters would you want on your survival team? Why?
    1. Hermione Granger - She knows everything and is pretty handy with a wand. 
    2. Acheron Parthenopaeus - I mean, he's basically a god and can literally do almost anything. 
    3. Legolas Greenleaf - He's nimble, he's good with a bow and arrow, and is one with nature. 
    4. Katniss Everdeen - She knows how to hunt and kills. We're going to need food. 
    5. Damon Salvatore - Man candy.

  2. What is the latest book that made you ugly cry? 
    I'm going to be honest... I've never cried over a book. The only movie that's ever made me cry was My Dog Skip. I guess I'm just heartless... So, um, the last book that made me almost feel like I was going to cry was
    The Song of Achilles. You know the story.

  3. What is one book you think every person should read? 
    I wish I could throw out the name of a book that's super deep and meaningful, but I'm going to go with the book I suggest to all of my friends and family. The Forest of Hands and Teeth was my first zombie book and it's the best zombie book I've ever read. Go read it.

  4. What is your favorite leading book heroine?
    Deuce from the
    Razorland series is my favorite leading book heroine. Most women in literature, even the ones that are supposed to be really hardcore end up being really needy and oftentimes weak. Their lives end up depending on a man, which is cool sometimes, but then sometimes you need a heroine to kick ass. Deuce does that. She learns from the guys but then she proceeds to take care of herself and even has to take care of the guys from time to time. I love her!

  5. In honor of Father's Day this past Sunday, who is you favorite fictional father?
    Can I say Acheron again? It's kind of weird to see him transition from sexy to daddy and back, but it works for him! I loved watching his relationship with

  6. If you were a damsel-in-distress, what fictional character would be your Prince Charming?
    I'm sticking with Damon. He's my favorite book boyfriend thus far (especially after seeing the TV show). He's hot, he's fast, and he's deadly. But under it all he's sensitive and sweet. Damon it is!

  7. What is your favorite classic fairytale?
    I'm going to cheat and pick a movie - Beauty and the Beast! Disney is classic, right? Actually, there are book adaptations of the movie, so it's technically not cheating.

  8. If a dimensional hole opened up in front of you and you chose to jump in, what world or time period would you hope to end up in? Why?
    Ancient Rome but only if I could be part of the aristocracy. I always watch TV shows and read books about Rome and imagine that it would have been a fantastic place to live in... as long as you were rich.

  9. What do you love most about book blogging?
    So far I really love the community! I love finding posts to comment on and seeing the posts on my own page!

  10. If you could be associated with one of the 4 elements, which would it be? (Gnome, spirit of earth; Undine, spirit of water; Sylph, spirit of wind; Salamander, spirit of fire)?
    Well, this is interesting... I hate being dirty, the ocean freaks me out, and I don't like fire either. Wind it is.

  11. What was the inspiration for your blog's name?
    Dog-eared pages, obviously! I was originally going to go with Folded Corners, but ended up going with the simpler "Cornerfolds."

Q&A with Brittany @ Please Feed the Bookworm
  1. What is your favorite genre to read and why?
    My absolute favorite genre to read is YA post-apocalyptic. I'm not sure why, but I have a fascination with the end of the world. And I prefer YA to "adult" literature just because the stories are often more focused. With less sex and vulgarity (nothing wrong with either if you're in the mood though!) comes a better, cleaner, story, in my opinion.

  2. What type of mythical or imaginary pet would you want?
    Pegasus! I've always wanted a horse. One with wings would be the best!

  3. Weapon of choice for a zombie apocalypse?
    Any semi-automatic gun with unlimited ammo. Do they make silencers for those? Yeah, give me one of those too.

  4. Favorite beverage?
    There's a s'mores martini at The Melting Pot that's to die for!

  5. How many books so you own ? (any kind)
    I don't have an exact count and most of the hard copies are in storage at the moment. If I had to guess I'd probably say around 800.

  6. Nickname?
    My dad always called me "Monkey" growing up and still does.

  7. What book world would you reside in?
    Lothlorien in it's prime. No contest.

  8. Favorite character?
    This is a pretty broad question. I'm going to go with Acheron again. He's the character I've read most about and have had the longest to fall in love with.

  9. How many books do you read in a month?
    Since I've been in school I've stuck close to a book (maybe two) per week, so between 4 and 8 per month.

  10. What book changed your life?
    I don't have a serious answer for this question. Therefore, I will say
    Hidden Mickeys changed my life. It made my Disney trips so much more intriguing! It added a whole new level of magic!

  11. Why is a raven like a writing desk?
    "I think you might do something better with the time than wasting it in asking riddles that have no answers.

Questions For My Nominees: 

  1. What finally made you start blogging? 
  2. What are your most and least favorite book to film adaptations? 
  3. Who is the most annoying character you've ever had the displeasure of reading about? 
  4. What was the last book you gave up on before finishing? 
  5. Who is your favorite book boyfriend? 
  6. What's your literary guilty pleasure? 
  7. Do you ever read a book and realize you have nothing to say about it and, in turn, don't review it? 
  8. What was a book that really made you stop and think about your own life. 
  9. What genre will you absolutely not touch and why? 
  10. You have 24 hours to live. What fictional character do you choose to spend it with? 
  11. You've decided to write your debut novel. What genre is it?  

*I'm nominating...
Jenny @ Marshalslion
Three Jennifers @ Books & Babes

*It was honestly difficult to make sure my nominees were under 300 followers with all of the different ways to follow a blog. Please don't be offended I chose you in error!