Saturday, July 12, 2014

Spine-tingling Saturday #3: Infected Town

Title: My friend hasn't been in contact since this series of weird text messages. I don't know what to think... | Woke Up with Amnesia in Chicago. Any ideas?  Infected Town
Author: HelpMeNoSleep | AlanPWtf | VainerCupid
Posted on: July 2013 - April 2014
Location: Reddit

As you can tell, it was difficult to list the title and author of this spine-tingling feature. That's because every now and then a truly great series comes about on the internet - a series that keeps you up late at night, hitting refresh and checking for updates. This series has spanned for nearly a year and may or may not be at an end.

The story begins with a girl named Jessica who is concerned that her friend has fallen off the grid. Her panic is tangible throughout several updates as she receives bizarre text and picture messages from her friend, "Dean." When Jessica and her friends go to hunt them down, they find things they cannot explain. From there things get out of hand in a really big way. Her updates spanned three days in July of last year before stopping abruptly and leaving an entire subreddit in panic.

In August 2013, the unthinkable happened. Dean showed up on Reddit with amnesia, revealing that his name was, in fact, Alan. He remembered nothing, but then he did. The insane nature of the first posts continued, but with all of them working together. Things in town get strange, people act erratically, and more things become unexplainable. As they continued to dig deeper, Reddit continued to dish out warning after warning. In February 2014, Alan fell off the grid again. And again, the people of NoSleep fell into panic.

Then in March, something unexpected occurred. An explorer named Claire popped up on NoSleep with some disturbing discoveries in what appeared to be a ghost town. These were, of course, linked to the previous accounts. Once the connection was made, this poster continued his exploration, against the sub's better judgment. The posts ended only days after they began, in April 2014.

I, for one, am keeping my fingers crossed for more. This is either real, or the most elaborate NoSleep collaboration in quite some time.

Here are the posts in proper reading order:
(Obviously each one has multiple linked updates)