Saturday, November 8, 2014

HoHoHoRAT Update #1

Well, it's day three of the Ho Ho Ho Read-A-Thon and I thought I should post a quick update to share my progress! I've been laying around with my sweet puppies, sipping on hot chocolate (possibly with Godiva liqueur), and nomming Ghirardelli dark chocolate bark. I have to admit, it hasn't been a bad couple days. At some point this became a Christmas romantic novella read-a-thon... but I'm cool with it!

On Thursday I read All I Want For Christmas by Jennifer Gracen

I'll be posting a full review of this one on Monday! :) 

On Friday I read Dark Hunter Christmas by Sherrilyn Kenyon

It was a little weird because it was available to read online. Without the page breaks it was a little difficult. Not to mention, there were some definite typos. Either way, it was a fun little Christmas read that brought me back into the Dark Hunter universe!

Today I'm reading a couple things. 

#1: I'm listening to I'm Dreaming of an Undead Christmas by Molly Harper

#2: I have to choose between these three books...

I'm really enjoying my very first read-a-thon and I'm super excited for the rest of it! It's going totally different than how I anticipated but, hey, I'm a mood reader.