Saturday, November 22, 2014

My Epic Office Giveaway

Happy Weekend, fellow book lovers! As you may know, I have been in the long process of moving to a new apartment with my husband after a nightmare experience at the previous one. But that experience has ended and a new one has (thankfully) begun. Along with our new residence I have acquired a new office. One of the perks of being a Merchant Marine wife is that, due to the long stints of alone time, I get dibs on the spare room! Here, let me share it with you!

Here is a super awesome panorama of my office.

Yes, that certainly is a sword hanging on my wall. Yes, there is a backstory. When I was about 14 years old, I went on a weekend trip with my youth group to Gatlinburg, Tennessee. One day we got to take a trip downtown to go shopping. While all the other girls migrated towards the boutiques, I spotted a sword shop. You can see what I came home with. I've held onto it for 12 years just so that one day I could hang it in an office and say, "yes, I was that girl."

Anyway, back to present day... This is my office. Would you like a closer look at some of my shelves? Fantastic! Because I'm going to show them to you.

My top shelf is comprised of my favorites: Harry Potter, Splintered, Narnia, and Lord of the Rings (and other Tolkien works). Up above are my Beauty and the Beast Jim Shore pieces, my "We're All Mad Here" DIY canvas project, petals from my wedding bouquet, and my wedding tiara (hey, I got married at Disney World - there had to be a tiara). Over on the wall is my one share of Disney World, a wedding present from my husband!

A little further down on my main bookshelf are a few of my classics, most of which are various editions of Wuthering Heights. My brother is obsessed with collecting Narnia, I'm obsessed with Wuthering Heights. It runs in the family. 

At the bottom are paperbacks from my favorite romance authors - Sherrilyn Kenyon, Catherine Coulter, and Charlaine Harris (with a little V.C. Andrews thrown in for good measure). 

My Disney collection lives on my other bookshelf. It includes several volumes of Disney's Wonderful World of Knowledge, various books about Walt Disney World and Epcot, a couple Walt Disney biographies, planning guides, and a few others. 

My favorite thing about having an office all to myself is my ability to show off random nerdy things that wouldn't really fit well in the rest of our apartment. For example... 

Perhaps you're starting to see trends? 

When we moved though, I realized my shelves were running low on space. Not only that, but there are books sitting on them that I've never read or will never re-read. Though I know they aren't new releases, I know that someone else could give them a better home than I can. So I'm giving everyone a chance to take a few! Three winners will be able to one book each. 

The Books