Sunday, November 2, 2014

Weekly Recap: 10/27 - 11/1

My Super Exciting Life 

So, I've decided this is going to be a thing now! Weekly recaps - hurray!

If we're being completely honest with each other... this week has been absolutely insane and has left me dying to be finished school. First I had a paper due on Monday, followed by an advising appointment on Wednesday (at which I admitted to my adviser that I am 100% burned out - three years of non-stop school with no summer breaks will do that to a person), finding out that I had a 380 page non-fiction book to read by Monday, and finally, on Friday, a midterm that I may have actually done well on. School is crazy, kids!

In other news, I tried to convince my brother to be my partner at Cornerfolds (or at least a guest reviewer). We'll see how that goes. I did force him to get a Goodreads account, at least. My dad is the other big reader in our family, but my brother is also in the running.

My husband and I also started working on refinishing a coffee and end table as well as the shelf in our bathroom. We found a really nice new apartment last week and all of our furniture needs to be awesome enough to match! Pics are coming next week!

Last, but not least, I got an Instagram account! I have no idea what to do with it, but I have one! You can even follow me now by clicking the little Instagram button in the sidebar!

New Books Finds

Walking through my campus bookstore this week I came across something super awesome! A signed first edition of The Prince Lestat by Anne Rice.

I was so surprised I found it in our little bookstore! Slightly less surprised to find out that no one who worked there knew anything about it. Such is life...

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