Sunday, November 16, 2014

Weekly Recap: 11/9-11/15

My Super Exciting Life 

Finally! I can post and tell you honestly that I haven't been totally stressed every single day this week. Midterms are over and no papers were due (although finals are less than a month away). One class was cancelled and one class was skipped and I feel a little more relaxed than I have in weeks. My husband got a job with a new tanker company (Chevron, if you're wondering) and a huge sigh of relief has been exhaled.

Bella and Luna (our furbabies) went to daycare for the first time on Tuesday. Because Bella has some pretty serious anxiety, we want to be able to get them both out of the apartment while we're moving. They didn't play much with the other puppies, but they passed their evaluations and will be going back today for another visit! Can you tell which one was bred from show dogs? Haha!

My brother came to visit on Wednesday for the first time since I moved here three months ago. Although, I have no room to talk because I haven't been to his house since February... To be fair though, my parents live close to me so he doesn't have an excuse when he visits my mom and dad. Oh, and we were able to swap back our Chronicles of Narnia books after seven years! You see, when I joined the Air Force and started moving around the country, we decided to swap so he could have the seven individual books and I could take the giant all-in-one edition. Since I'm back, that was no longer necessary. Yay for books!

The rest of the week was spent packing up our apartment even though we just moved here three months ago. Let me tell you, this place has been a nightmare. More on that next week when I post pictures of our new place side by side with this one... We signed our new lease on Friday and I can't wait to be into our new, improved living quarters! ;)

New Books Finds

I didn't find much this week since I was a little preoccupied with moving preparations. I did find out, however, that The Witch of Painted Sorrows isn't actually available on Netgalley yet! It's just a placeholder, though I have been approved. I was a little saddened by this, but I'll survive somehow.  

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