Saturday, December 27, 2014

Decorating my dream library at

As my regular readers may know, I'm obsessed with my current office and future library (which I WILL have in the next few years). While I definitely love what I already have, my decor is kind of a combination of Disney art and Star Trek memorabilia. I mean, I'm not complaining - those are two of my favorite things! But I would love to have a more sophisticated library at some point. Lately I've been thinking... I have a "grown up" office now, so why wait on the "grown up" art to decorate it?!

On my lengthy journeys around the interwebs, I discovered I'm pretty confident I used them for my save-the-date cards, but I recently discovered they've also added art prints to their collection and they're really pretty awesome! Their prices are pretty reasonable, but they also offer unique frame options that I also really like.

I obviously already love their style, so I've spent the last few days perusing their art section in search of the perfect office decor. I obviously love bookish things and, as my blog design can attest, I love soft colors (even though I'm not necessarily the "softest" woman). I found pieces that spoke to my love of books, my love of my sailor husband, and even my love for my connection to fellow bloggers via the world wide web!

Because I couldn't keep this wonderful discovery from you, I've brought you my top ten contenders!