Saturday, January 10, 2015

Bookish gifts to myself

Christmas 2014 was a good one. I spent it with my parents and brother and I gave and received some awesome gifts (which I shared a couple weeks ago)! Unfortunately though, I didn't receive any books at all, even with several on my Christmas list. So when I found out about the Book Outlet Boxing Day sale, I decided to buy my own! I even ordered one signed book by one of my favorite authors - Time Untime by Sherrilyn Kenyon. 

I ended up getting a couple on Amazon since Hush, Hush sold on before I could hit "buy" and I figured I should probably get Clockwork Angel if I ever wanted to read Clockwork Princess. There was also a pretty awesome surprise! 

My order finally arrived a couple days ago!! When I opened the box and put everything on my bookshelf, I thought I was done. Then a friend on Instagram who had also gotten Shadow and Bone told me her copy was signed. When I checked, so was mine! Score!

Anyway, here it is: my Christmas presents to myself! And it all cost me about the price of two hardcovers at Barnes and Noble. 

I'm really hoping someone gets books off my wishlist next Christmas. Just in case they don't though, I know where I can get some super awesome deals on bookish gifts to myself!