Sunday, January 11, 2015

Weekly Recap: 1/4 - 1/10

My Super Exciting Life 

This was the week that I went back to jail... err... school. The new semester (and my last!) began on Wednesday. I got a chance to sample all five of this semester's classes and I don't think they'll be as terrible as some I've taken. That being said, most of my professors have suddenly decided that technology is the devil. So, while elementary school students are using iPads in class, I'm taking notes on paper. Such is life.

The good news is I'm not sick anymore! The flu is finally behind me and I can move on with my last semester unencumbered by chills or sniffles.

Speaking of not being sick anymore, I was finally able to go see my cousin's new baby girl! While I admit I'm afraid of tiny babies (I promise, I'm 26, not 6 years old), it was nice to see my cousin so happy. Yes, my mom forced me to hold her for a few minutes and it wasn't terrible. Then she started crying and I gave her back.

So now I'm off to read about the reign of Nero and how stress affects my body. Oh, happy day. I promise I won't complain about school every week. It should be mostly out of my system now. ;-)

New Books Finds

This week I decided to go shopping at the local bookstore as my last hurrah before school started back. I walked away with the book adaptation of Red Riding Hood, a movie I totally love, Wool, which has been recommended several times, and The Amulet of Samarkand, which I have on my TBR list for the year. So technically, only Red Riding Hood is a new find, but I'm excited about all of them!

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