Sunday, March 1, 2015

Weekly Recap: 2/22 - 2/28

My Super Exciting Life 

More Snow days!!! 

Yep, we had even more snow this week! REAL snow this time! This is what the outside of my apartment complex looked like when I woke up Thursday morning:


Needless to say, the entire city completely shut down for two days. People in North Carolina freak out when it snows. And I'm totally okay with it. Because I get out of school. Nope. No complaints here.

On Friday evening I drove down to the beach where I finally got to spend the weekend with my friend after having my plans foiled one weekend after the next! I bought some fudge and had some veggie sushi and on Monday it's back to the grind.

New Book Finds

My Book Outlet haul finally showed up this week! I ended up with House of Secrets, Velveteen, Tempest, and Mystic City. I hadn't even heard of three of the four, but I can't wait to read them! I also bought The Valcourt Heiress by Catherine Coulter so I can finally finish the Medieval series! 

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This Week I [Didn't] Read
Okay, so here's the truth... this has been probably the slowest reading week pretty much ever for me. I haven't actually finished a book and I'm ashamed of myself. It's just been such a lazy week! To be honest, I spent most nights watching Beauty and the Beast instead of reading. Don't judge me.

Where I Shamelessly Promote Myself

So here's the thing. I have discovered Instagram. Okay, so I discovered it several weeks ago. But I freaking love it. And I think you should follow me! Because I think I take halfway decent photos and I love to interact with all my blogger friends there! But seriously, don't "f4f" me because it's so annoying. You can find me on Instagram @Cornerfolds!

Upcoming Review

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