Sunday, March 22, 2015

Weekly Recap: 3/15 - 3/21

My Super Exciting Life 

Although Spring Break has ended, this was a pretty good week! It was a fairly easy week as far as school went - just a lot of showing up and listening. On Sunday I saw Cinderella with my mom and it was amazing! I am absolutely in love with this new live-action version, even though it's basically an exact copy of the animated Cinderella. Continuing the movie trend, my mom and I watched Divergent Sunday night and, of course, she loved it. That was when I came to the realization that Divergent is one of my favorite movies. There are very, very few films that I can watch multiple times, but apparently this is one of them... because I had a couple friends over on Friday night to watch Divergent again, in anticipation of Insurgent, which I saw on Saturday. And it.was.awesome. Holy crap, this movie! Moving on...

New Book Buys

After I left the theater I headed straight to get a copy of Allegiant. I read the full trilogy when it first came out, but I had it on a Nook, which I no longer have. You see, my brain does this thing which is pretty useful - once I finish a book I generally forget most of the details. You might think this would be really annoying. I kind of like it! It means everything is surprising all over again when I go back for a reread. However, now I'm having a fit to read Allegiant again because, while I remember the very end, I don't remember all the in between. While I was out I also went to a thrift store and came away with Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, The DaVinci Code, and Winter's Heart for $1.88! Score!

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