Saturday, May 2, 2015

May goals: Blog Ahead & TBR

OMG I'm about to graduate!!!

Finally, I might have some time to get ahead and read a little more of what I feel like reading. So I've decided to make a post attempting to hold myself accountable.

Blog Ahead

This month I've signed up for Blog Ahead! This is extra important since I am going on a two week vacation later this month (one week of that I'll be totally off the grid). If I don't have posts ready to go then I won't have anything on the blog!! I'm hoping to catch up on memes and post some good discussions... even though I won't be here to discuss. So here we go! Hopefully I can get this done before I leave! Wish me luck! XD


I don't usually make lists because I'm terrible (terrible) about deviating from what I intend to read. But since I'll be gone for two weeks and can only read what I have with me, I'm hoping to cut down on a few books. Since I'm participating in the TBR Reduction challenge this year I'm going to try to make at least half of those books that have been hanging around my TBR list for awhile!

Hard Copies




Wish me luck, everyone! The end of school is coming!!!