Thursday, May 28, 2015

My bookshelf runneth over... with books I don't read

I'm talking about those books that you buy and then they just sit on your bookshelf for years, untouched. You know the ones. They're all at least five years past their publication date and their covers aren't really what's "in" right now. You bought them at a yard sale or a library book sale (or even on thinking they sounded good for under a buck. In the back of your mind you knew you'd never really read them. But maybe... maybe one day you'll be in the mood for that book.

I have so many of those books. They sit on my shelves and look less glamorous somehow than the ones I was absolutely dying to have and willing to pay full price for. Why do I even buy them?

I've done it since high school. I go to book sales and scout out the 50 cent section, loading up on books that might be good one day when I miraculously run out of every other amazing new-release book on the entire planet and have absolutely nothing else to read.

And yet... every time I decide to go through my books to get rid of some, I find some reason to keep them all anyway.

Until yesterday they were all on my bottom shelves, but then I decided to alphabetize everything. I always feel so bad for all of my less fortunate books. I feel like they're blatantly jumping off the shelves at me like, "I know I'm old but read me anyway!" And I feel bad for putting their authors into a box. Like it's somehow their fault that I found their books five years too late.

I've almost missed out on some really amazing series this way. For example, when I started blogging last year The Selection was pretty outdated, but I ultimately gave it a try.

That's not even a great example though, since there are still sequels being released. There are books that are just collecting dust because they're not necessarily popular at the moment. Someone tell me I'm missing out!! 

Here are all the books that I'm currently -not- reading because of the steady stream of awesomeness that's hitting the shelves this summer:

I finally made a TBR jar after reorganizing in an attempt to finally read some of these poor, unloved books that are going unread. Despite my status as a hopeless mood reader, I'm hoping this might work since I'm taking the summer off (of life) and don't have any other pressing deadlines.

Am I the only one with this problem? Does anyone else have a ton of (cheap) books that they bought on a whim but will probably never read? Tell me I'm not alone, people!!