Saturday, June 20, 2015

I'm a neurotic, altruistic, introverted, polygamist reader!

A few weeks ago I saw a graphic from Book Likes that lays out different types of readers. I thought it would be fun to break down my reading style so I've had it tucked away for a rainy day. Wouldn't you know it's been raining for three days straight? Seriously though, what a fun way to put a label on your reading type! Without further ado...

5% Extrovert reader
(adventurer, grabs everything filled with words, likes new book genres)
Very, very rarely I'll venture into an uncomfortable genre. But
I generally avoid certain genres such as contemporary romance and biographies.
That being said, I do occasionally pick up something outside of my comfort zone. 

15% Neurotic reader
(gets easily distracted, switches between books, in result hardly ever finishes the book) 
While I try REALLY hard to stay on track, every now and then I get really distracted,
sometimes to the point where I just can't read at all. My Goodreads "currently reading"
list is proof of this. I think there are 12 books listed at the moment... Still, it doesn't
happen often, which is why I've assigned this label such a low percentage. 

20% Altruist reader
(helper, reads & recommends huge reading lists to friends and family)
As a book blogger this applies to me by default. BUT I don't recommend books to friends
family very often outside of my blog. Mostly because I don't know many readers... 

25% Polygamist reader
(multi task reader, loves reading many books at a time, never mixes the plots) 
I am almost always reading multiple books at once. 100% of the time I am reading
one thing while listening to an audiobook (well, not at the exact same time).
I always try to avoid mixing genres though. It gets way too confusing! 

35% Introvert reader
(sticks to one genre, analyzes and ponders over the plot, identifies with the characters)
Yep, the biggest slice of the pie goes to my boringness. While I like to think I'm an
adventurous person, the truth of the matter is I read mostly dystopia, horror, and fantasy.
See "extrovert reader" for more info. 

Not included: Monogamist reader.

Now that you know a little more about my reading style, I'd like to know where you fit on the spectrum! What kind of reader are you?