Sunday, June 28, 2015

#Read-o-rama read-a-thon TBR

I just found out about this today, so I guess I'll be almost a full day behind, but I'm hopping on board the read-o-rama train anyway! This is so exciting! I'm dubbing this the summer of read-a-thons!

The goal: Read 7 books

There are goals for each of the six of the seven books: a middle grade novel, a fantasy, a book with blue on the cover, re-read a book, R-A-M-A in the title/author, read an ebook. Here's my list of those six in order:


(note: I can only read Stargirl if it shows up at the library)

Because it's very unlikely I'll read 7 books in 7 days, I'm also including books that I've started but haven't finished, as well as audiobooks. It's okay, you can call me a cheater! ;) I'm leaving my 7th spot open because I'm terrible with TBR lists as it is, so there's really no telling what could happen!