Sunday, August 2, 2015

Weekly Recap: 7/26 - 8/1

My Super Exciting Life 

This has been quite the interesting week! As you may know, my husband works away from home for long stretches. Because of that, I'm very used to spending a lot of time alone. I'm okay with that because I'm an introvert - I enjoy alone time more often than not. But this has been a VERY social week (and I'm okay with that too).

A good friend of mine had a hotel room for two nights for out of town work training and invited me to come stay. On Tuesday I drove to meet her and we spent two nights eating sushi and chocolate frogs, drinking champagne, and shopping. On Thursday I returned home and my mom came to stay with me for two nights! Saturday night I went to watch my brother get his first tattoo of the Narnia lamp post!

This also turned out to be a very expensive week as I discovered my car was so out of alignment that I needed new tires. But I'm grateful that I found out when I did since I'll be driving down to Florida later in the month (hurray!).

It has been a great week for books and giveaways too! If you haven't checked it out already please go take a look at the Trollhunters giveaway (in the sidebar ---->)! The prize pack provided by Disney-Hyperion is really amazing! I also received a copy of Of Dreams and Rust from Sarah Fine, along with an extra copy to giveaway when I post my review next week!! Finally, I've received signed books from three authors as part of a big end of summer giveaway I'm planning on hosting later in the month! Yay for free books!!

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