Friday, September 4, 2015

Alivan's Custom Wand Unboxing

Several weeks ago I started reading the Harry Potter series for the second time as part of my Paper to Popcorn feature. You can check out my reviews of The Philosopher's Stone and The Chamber of Secrets if you're interested!

When I started this time I decided to read in conjunction with Pottermore. The site has been updated with tons of new information since the last time I played and it really took the reading experience to a whole new level! While I was busy geeking out, casting spells and brewing potions, I decided to go on the hunt for my very own wand. But I didn't want just any wand. I wanted -my- wand.

Feel free to add me on Pottermore!

One day I might get one of the wands for sale at Ollivander's, but when it came right down to it, I wanted something that was made of real wood (not resin) and was personalized to me (not something anyone could go buy).

That was when I found Alivan's Master Wandmakers. I contacted their shop and sent them the specifications for my Pottermore wand, which you can see above. I communicated with Jenni, telling her the style I liked and what I didn't like, placed my order, and waited (very) patiently. Then... the box came!

First of all, the box itself! I love the packaging and the logo on the side. I was absolutely giddy when I picked it up off my doorstep... and it took everything in me not to rip it open right there! But I decided to calm myself and take some pictures to share with all you lovelies.

Once I had the box opened, I took my time taking in all the detail inside the box. Every single piece of paper and packaging had a personalized Alivan's touch, which really made it even more special!

Each custom wand by Alivan's is crafted by a Master Wandmaker! My wand came with a numbered certificate of authenticity and the specifications are handwritten. Also included in the box was a red velvet case embroidered with the Alivan's logo.


As you can see, the wand itself is beautiful! It's made from walnut and is 11" long. It even has a Phoneix Feather core, just like my Pottermore wand! ;-) The design is absolutely beautiful! I feel like you can really tell a lot of love went into making this product. It's certainly not a mass-produced resin replica!

What I requested was something similar to the wands Hermione or Luna uses, and I don't feel that this is super close to those and I actually don't -love- the crisscross detail on the handle, just because it looks like something from my Grandma's house... but overall I'm happy with it. The wand feels sturdy and it looks totally gorgeous on my bookshelf! I would definitely recommend Alivan's to anyone who is as big of a nerd as I am!