Saturday, September 19, 2015

Disney for the weekend: under-appreciated films

Welcome to a brand new, super random blog feature! I'm going to be trying something new for the next few weeks just to see what happens.

This feature is all about Disney and it will alternate with Spine Tingling Saturdays, at least until I decide whether to keep that one around long-term. I'll be posting things from Disney movie reviews to reviews of Disney restaurants. Have I mentioned I'm moving to Orlando in less than two months??

Today's topic is something simple: my favorite under-appreciated Disney films (part one). Yes, this is only part of a list. There are SO many I could include! Perhaps part two will be coming next week.

This one was obviously going to make the list. This movie is SO underrepresented that I never even saw it until I was in my 20s! I never heard much about it when it came out so I just never gave it a second glance. When I finally watched it I was BLOWN AWAY! I ended up buying a copy on DVD and then got the Blu Ray when it was released too, so now I have both!

Are there really people who haven't seen this?? Tuck Everlasting is one of the first love stories that (almost) made me cry. Tuck and Winnie are just amazing characters and their story is incredibly touching. And obviously I had the hugest crush on Tuck... This movie came out back in 2002 but it still holds up and I highly recommend it to all my lady friends! (It's a tearjerker!)

OMG this movie just really gets all my yes. I can totally agree that Disney movie sequels are super hit or miss, but this one was a definite HIT. I think it got overlooked by a lot of people because it was a direct-to-VHS (yes, kids, VHS) release, but it remains one of my absolute favorites. This is a movie that I have on VHS, DVD, and Blu Ray.

This movie... I just. I was dying laughing looking for GIFs for this post. I remember going to see this in theaters with my dad and (I don't remember this next part specifically) I feel pretty confident in saying he probably laughed until he cried. I wasn't really old enough back then to think Brendan Fraiser was super sexy, but... he did a great job as Tarzan! Haha! This movie is hilariously cheesy and now I really feel like I need to go get a copy so I can watch it again. And yes, I do still have the VHS.

Last, but certainly not least, is Song of the South. There's a good reason I'd never heard of this one. Disney tried to put it under wraps. It was never released on DVD at all. There is one scene in this film in particular that makes people freak out while calling it racist, but the fact is it came out in the 1940s and main characters are workers on a farm (it's set post-Civil War). I think the whole thing is really strange considering there is an entire ride based on this film, and I think it's a shame that it's so hard to find. I do plan to get my hand on a DVD at some point (there is a company who makes them... illegally?) because it's a really great movie!