Saturday, November 14, 2015

Disney for the weekend: my Disney-themed home

Welcome back to Disney for the Weekend!

This feature is all about Disney and I'll be posting things from Disney movie reviews to reviews of Disney restaurants.

This week I want to share with all of you a revelation I've had: my home is unabashedly Disney-themed. 

As you may know, I moved to Florida a couple weeks ago. In the process of packing and unpacking, I realized that my Disney obsession has truly been realized. Not only have I moved close enough to drive to Disney World regularly, but my apartment is decorated top to bottom in Disney things. 

I am not ashamed. 

As part of embracing my Disney addiction (it's not an addiction, it's a lifestyle), today I'm sharing some of my favorite pieces from my collection. 

This was a Christmas gift from my husband on on our first Christmas as a married couple. That Christmas also happened to fall during our honeymoon at Walt Disney World (also known as a Disneymoon). It's one share in the Walt Disney Company and it's one of my prized possessions! It even makes me about $0.30 per year in interest! ;)

Here is part of my Haunted Mansion collection. This quickly became my favorite ride and my husband and I have every intention of having a Haunted Mansion themed room in our future house. For now, though, it occupies random surfaces throughout our home.

This three part canvas is one of the most innexpensive pieces of artwork you could possibly find! While browsing Flickr one day, I came across this beautiful photo of the Boardwalk at night. We happened to be married on the Boardwalk, so I asked the photographer for permission to have it printed. $35 later, I had an amazing piece of art!


The awesome print in the frame was an anniversary gift from me to my husband two years ago. One of his favorite Disney movies is The Nightmare Before Christmas, so I had Jack and Sally on the hill printed onto the page of a book. The page of the book just happens to be from one of my favorites, The Hobbit!

Last but not least, this gorgeous (tiny) statue was my Christmas present to myself last year. This is a replica of the Walt and Mickey statue that is in front of Cinderella Castle at Disney World. It was handcrafted in Italy from alabaster and is really one of my absolute favorite collectors items. And, yes, Walt is holding my wedding ring for me...

So, there you have it! A decent chunk of my Disney collection throughout my home. At one point in my life, I may have been slightly embarrassed by the fact that I, a grown woman, have an entire apartment packed full of Disney memorabilia, but I've come to realize that life's too short. Do what you love! Do you have any collections to share?