Sunday, December 27, 2015

Weekly Recap: 12/20 - 12/26

My Super Exciting Life 

First of all, I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday! I'll tell you a little bit more about mine in a minute, but first I have some other things to discuss. This week I'm going to possibly overshare, not that I've ever done that before... As you may have noticed, there was no review posted during the past week. Since my blog was founded I've always posted at least one review per week (oftentimes more), but I think things might have to slow down a bit as far as book reviews are concerned.

A couple months ago I shared that I had been diagnosed with Lyme Disease. Not long after that I also shared that I'd been successfully treated. Last week I found out it was never treated correctly and was back with a vengeance. Because of this I have had a very hard time working, reading, and blogging. I have a very difficult time trying to focus on anything, so I haven't done much reading recently. I have begun a different course of treatment at this time and have already started to feel better, so I don't see this having any kind of long-term impact on the blog.

I will try to maintain one review per week, but it wouldn't surprise me if I have to skip a week here or there until my treatment is complete. I've decided to keep doing meme and discussion posts simply because I love the blogging community so much! I don't want to leave you all, even for a week! Please, please stay with me while I recover!

Now that that's out of the way... Christmas! This week my husband and I saw The Force Awakens! I liked it overall, but I definitely had some issues with the film. Now I'm starting my re-watch of the first six films so I can go watch the seventh again.

We also made the trek to my family's house for the holidays. We went to my aunt's house for Christmas Eve and spent Christmas day with my parents and brother. My book haul included older books, but I'm really excited about what I got! I've really been wanting a readable copy of Wuthering Heights since all of mine are antiques, and my dad got me that! The Eye of the World is a very difficult book to find in hardcover, but my brother surprised me with a copy! And a family friend got me Who's Afraid of the Song of the South, a book about the classic film that hasn't been re-released for decades. I'm also planning on ordering some books at the Book Outlet Boxing Day sale! Did you have an awesome Christmas book haul?

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