Saturday, January 23, 2016

Smuggler's Bounty Resistance Unboxing

Happy Saturday, fellow book bloggers!! Today I'm doing something a little unusual on the blog and I'm pretty darned excited about it! I am unboxing my first ever Smuggler's Bounty subscription box.

If you don't know anything Smuggler's Bounty, it's the official Star Wars subscription box by Funko. Unlike other subscription boxes, this one is only sent every two months. The first box was sent in November and the theme was The First Order. I missed out on that one, but I knew I had to get my hands on the Resistance box!

Warning: this post will be picture-heavy!

My box arrived on Friday afternoon and I giddily ran to my apartment and had to restrain myself from opening it long enough to grab my phone to take pictures. The box itself is awesome. It was enough to make me squeal like a little girl, if we're being totally honest. 

When I opened the box, I found two small items: a BB-8 patch and a Poe Dameron pin. The patch says "Resistance" on it and is totally adorable, although I have no idea what to do with a patch. The pin is super cute and maybe a teensy bit more functional, although I haven't decided where to put it yet. I pulled both those items out of the box and flipped open the hidden compartment...

...where I found the coolest Funko shirt ever!! It has several resistance characters on it, Chewbacca obviously looking the most ferocious (as he does). My only complaint about the shirt is that it only comes in men's sizes. I ordered a small and it's a bit too big, so I'll probably try going with an x-small next time. This one is still going to make a great pajama shirt though! The November box contained 1 of 4 shirt variations, but it's unclear whether this box had variations also.

Next was what we've all been waiting for! 

The promised flocked Pop! This Chewie is adorably vicious and is covered in soft fuzzies. I love him! If you want to see him out of the box, stay tuned on my Instagram!

I had already accidentally seen a spoiler of the last item, which was a C-3PO mug. It's square, so I think it would probably be difficult to drink out of. Since I'm out of room in my mug cabinet anyway, I'll probably just use this one as decoration.

So there you have it! The Star Wars Smuggler's Bounty Resistance box! Overall, I was very pleased with this box and definitely think it was worth the price ($25+S/H)!

I loved the Pop and the t-shirt (even though it was too big) and the other items were pretty cool too. I love that the things in the box are exclusive to Smuggler's Bounty and that not just anyone can go buy them at Hot Topic!

I highly recommend the Smuggler's Bounty subscription box if you're a Star Wars fan or collector. I really don't think you'll be disappointed! You can check it out and sign up for the March box here!