Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday #99: Reasons I love Galadriel

Today's Topic: 
Top Ten Seven Reasons 
I Love Galadriel.

I almost never get an excuse to gush about how perfect (movie) Galadriel is, so when I saw this week's topic, I knew I had to take advantage. She has been my favorite character in Middle Earth since I first saw The Fellowship of the Ring way back in 2001! My husband always asks me why, so I guess I can refer him here now!

She's gorgeous...

I mean, really. Let's start with the most obvious.
Galadriel is the most gorgeous character in Middle Earth.

and graceful.

Let's see you walk glide down a staircase made of stone with no shoes on.

Literally everyone respects her.

Even Gandalf cares what she has to say and a 
wizard always does precisely what he means to.

She was a key player in getting Frodo to Mordor.

Without her motivation, he may given up long before Mount Doom.

She resisted becoming a dark queen...

Galadriel passed the test that so many others would 
not have, when offered the ring of power.

but she's still scary powerful...

I mean, she kicked Sauron's ass, so...

and she's seen too much to put up with anyone's crap.

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