Friday, December 16, 2016

#ReadIndie Recap

It's time to wrap up the first annual (because I do believe this is going to become an annual event) #ReadIndie challenge! I hope all of you who participated had as much fun as I did!

For those of you who don't know, #ReadIndie was a challenge to review as many indie books as possible during the first two weeks of December. I hope you'll join us next year! 

Don't forget we still have a couple giveaways running, so get your entries in for The Bound Series by Stormy Smith and Never Never by Brianna Shrum while there's time!


Christina interviewed S. Usher Evans about her book The Island, Stormy Smith about Bound by Duty, and there was an interview with Brianna Shrum on Cornerfolds. Joanne Macgregor shared an excerpt of her book Recoil & Layla Hagen shared an excerpt of her newest book, Your Inescapable Love.

Of course what kind of review challenge would this have been without reviews? Here's a list of reviews that were done by our review team and challenge participants through December 15th (click to be taken to each review): 

(12/1) The Blazing Star (Du Livre) (12/8) Copper Reign (Du Livre)
(12/1) The Road to Amazing (GJ Alvi) (12/9) Crows on Heartstrings (Cat's Shelf)
(12/1) Colorblind (Midsummer Night's Read) (12/9) The Chasm (Books & Prejudice)
(12/1) Dollars (Bookfever) (12/9) Double Life (Cornerfolds)
(12/2) Veiled (Journey Through Fiction) (12/9) Bossman (Rebel Mommy Book Blog)
(12/2) The Foxhole Court (Quite the Novel Idea) (12/10) Puck (Bookfever)
(12/2) Trick (Cat's Shelf) (12/11) Flash Gold (Bookfever)
(12/2) Bittersweet (Rebel Mommy Book Blog) (12/11) Raising the Bar (Bookish Kiddo)
(12/2) Empath (Cornerfolds) (12/12) Zia the Teenage Zombie (Read All the Things)
(12/3) An Exaltation of Larks (Bookfever) (12/12) The Foxhole Court (Cat's Shelf)
(12/3) Labeled Love (Bookish Kiddo) (12/12) Bound by Duty (Books & Prejudice)
(12/3) Your Irresistible Love (Cornerfolds) (12/12) The Mistake (Rebel Mommy Book Blog)
(12/5) Anyone? (Read All the Things) (12/12) Bound by Prophecy (Cornerfolds)
(12/5) Other Systems (The Bookavid) (12/12) Mr. Match ((Un)conventional Bookviews)
(12/5) Foreshadowed (Quite the Novel Idea) (12/14) Floor 21 (Read All the Things)
(12/5) The Human Cure (GJ Alvi) (12/15) Timekeeper (The Bookavid)
(12/5) This Is What Goodbye... (Books & Prejudice) (12/15) Scented (Bookish Kiddo)
(12/5) So Much More (Rebel Mommy Book Blog) (12/15) The Foxhole Court (Midsummer Night's Read)
(12/5) Jackaby (Cornerfolds) (12/15) Girl From Above (Bookfever)
(12/6) The Pawn (Bookfever) (12/15) Floor 21 (Cornerfolds)
(12/7) Bound by Duty (Read All the Things) (12/15) Fight or Flight (The Bookavid)
(12/8) Possess (Journey Through Fiction) (12/15) Another Castle (Cat's Shelf)

Christina and I had a great time hosting the #ReadIndie Challenge and supporting some amazing indie authors! We can't wait to get started on next year's challenge! Want to participate? We'll have a sign-up post next year closer to the event. So keep an eye out for it!