Saturday, December 3, 2016

#ReadIndie Review & Giveaway: Your Irresistible Love by Layla Hagen

Title: Your Irresistible Love (The Bennett Family #1) 
Author: Layla Hagen
Publication Date: January 15, 2016
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing
Pages: 326
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Sebastian Bennett is a determined man. It’s the secret behind the business empire he built from scratch. Under his rule, Bennett Enterprises dominates the jewelry industry. Despite being ruthless in his work, family comes first for him, and he’d do anything for his parents and eight siblings—even if they drive him crazy sometimes. . . like when they keep nagging him to get married already.

Sebastian doesn’t believe in love, until he brings in external marketing consultant Ava to oversee the next collection launch. She’s beautiful, funny, and just as stubborn as he is. Not only is he obsessed with her delicious curves, but he also finds himself willing to do anything to make her smile.
He’s determined to have Ava, even if she’s completely off limits.

Ava Lindt has one job to do at Bennett Enterprises: make the next collection launch unforgettable. Daydreaming about the hot CEO is definitely not on her to-do list. Neither is doing said CEO. The consultancy she works for has a strict policy—no fraternizing with clients. She won’t risk her job. Besides, Ava knows better than to trust men with her heart.

But their sizzling chemistry spirals into a deep connection that takes both of them by surprise. Sebastian blows through her defenses one sweet kiss and sinful touch at a time. When Ava’s time as a consultant in his company comes to an end, will Sebastian fight for the woman he loves or will he end up losing her?
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I have read two books by Layla Hagen in the last couple years and, although Withering Hope is forever my favorite by this author, I thoroughly enjoyed both! When I got a chance to read the first in her newest series, The Bennett Family, I expected no less than a great read! It is worth noting that the books in The Bennett Family series, like those in Hagen's Lost series, can be read as standalones or in order.

Your Irresistible Love is about Sebastian, a man who has created an incredibly successful business from the ground up, and Ava, the woman he has hired as his company's new marketing consultant. Ava is an independent woman working for a company with a strict no fraternization policy while Sebastian is not terribly interested in finding love, much to his family's dismay. Unfortunately for Ava and Sebastian, they are instantly attracted to each other and don't seem to be able to escape their chemistry.

I really enjoyed Ava and found her to be a fantastic, strong main character. I love it when female characters are already complete people before "the man" arrives. I also really liked Sebastian, although I had some problems with his Alpha Male antics at first, although he grew on me. Sebastian's greatest assets are his upbringing and family. These things allow him to be both confident and humble at the same time, which made for a love interest I did end up enjoying.

The romance between Ava and Sebastian was undeniably insta-love. Although I usually hate this, I was okay with it here just based on the fact that it's a standalone romance novel. I did like the forbidden romance feel that it had because of their work relationship and I really enjoyed the banter they shared. I also loved many of the other Bennets in the family who I'm sure we'll get to know more of in future installments!

Your Irresistible Love is an enjoyable, light-hearted romance that will definitely be loved by anyone who likes the genre! I would like to point out that, although this book is shelved several times as New Adult, I don't really feel like the characters fall into that age range. This is definitely adult romance. Overall, I did enjoy this and plan to continue reading Layla Hagen romance in the future!

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