Friday, January 6, 2017

My absolute favorite movies based on books: kids' edition

Although books are one of the great loves of my life, movies rank right up next to them. I really couldn't say which I would miss more... One of the best things ever is when a really great book BECOMES a really great movie! Even better, when you realize a favorite movie was a book first and now you can go read it! When I tried to compile a list of my absolute favorite adaptations I found that there were simply too many, so I split it in two. It pained me not to have The Lord of the Rings on this list, but I can assure you it will be in the next one! For now, these are my favorite kids' book to movie adaptations!


This was the first movie I ever saw in 3D in my own house and it absolutely blew me away. Although the 3D graphics were totally incredible and I will probably never get over it, the story also really surprised me. I loved every single thing about Soren and his fight for freedom. I thought the Guardians were fantastic and I loved the fight between good and evil. I'm eternally bummed that the movie series was never continued, but I was really excited to find out it was based on a series of books! I still haven't gotten around to reading it, but it's on my ever-growing TBR. 


Okay, so I know that we're supposed to love ALL the Harry Potter movies, but I personally find the first two to be painful. That being said, these are collectively some of my favorite film adaptations ever! Maybe it's because I saw the movies before I read the books (I wasn't allowed as a child)... Either way, I love them! I love the casting (Luna, anyone?) and the way the films get progressively darker, just to name a couple reasons why. This is one book and movie series that I'll re-read and re-watch over and over.


Another movie I was lucky enough to see in 3D on my own TV (okay it was my then-boyfriend, now-husband's TV), How to Train Your Dragon has become one of my favorites! Even its sequel was good enough to watch a couple times. Toothless is hands down the most adorable dragon anywhere and I WANT HIM! I've never read this book series either and actually had no idea until recently that there even were books, but I'd bet they're fantastic reads!

PETER PAN (2003)

This version of Peter Pan will always be my absolute favorite (in fact, I reviewed it)! It's a gorgeous movie in more ways than one and is touted as the closest adaptation to the source material. Every single time I turn this movie on I feel like a kid and can't help but smile - it's the magic! The casting director deserves a pat on the back for this movie. Peter, Wendy, Tink, and especially Hook are all incredible. I really can't recommend this enough!


Here is yet another of my favorite movies that I had no idea was based on a book. The more you know, right? I loved this movie the first time I saw it and recently purchased it on blu ray so I could watch it again (and again). I honestly don't even know what it was about this movie that made me fall in love with it. I loved the story and the animation style and I especially loved Dean. Now that I know it's an adaptation of the book I'm going to have to find it and read it!


Who doesn't want to see Robin Williams acting like a crazy person and trying to escape killer monkeys and poachers? Something about this movie always fascinated me. I mean, I love disaster movies, so maybe it was seeing the house slowly crumble. I always adored the scene where the living room becomes a rainforest, although the giant bugs freaked me out. I'm hesitantly excited for the new adaptation coming out this year, but either way this will always be a favorite!

Now you've seen my favorites - what are yours? Do any of mine make the list? 
Let me know in the comments!