Friday, March 31, 2017

Guest Post: Book boyfriends & why they're the BEST

Hello, Cornerfolds readers!! I am so excited for the opportunity to guest post here and hopefully meet some new people! I blog at Sugar Dusted Pages, where I yell excitedly about books and beautiful book covers. I may have an addiction.

Anyway, this post is about book boyfriends and why they are the BEST. I like romance, but I’ll admit it annoys me sometimes, especially in YA. Because 1) I hate love triangles 2) it’s often extremely contrived and POINTLESS 3) I hate love triangles and 4) I get jealous?!?

BUT I am convinced that one of the few things that matches the wonderfulness of a good book is a swoonworthy book boyfriend.

Not only are they described in the most gorgeous way, you can imagine them being as absolutely swoony as you like. And of course, there are the staples: the chiseled jaw and straight nose, the crooked smile (a personal favorite), the wavy dark hair…

So clearly I’ll take a beautiful book boyfriend over a completely average real boyfriend any day, because who needs a real person when you could have a wonderful fictional boyfriend?!?

Either no one has flaws, or they have plenty of flaws but they’re really cool flaws. The perfect guy is legitimately perfect and has never done anything wrong. The bad boy who’s not very nice actually just had a tragic childhood. But in real life, no one is perfect and when they’re not perfect, well, they’re imperfect in awkward ways, like not having that straight jawline.

I mean, you literally open a book, think “I find this fictional guy attractive” and BAM you’re good to go. And then they’re YOURS and belong to YOU. (Besides the 78675653 other girls who also love them, but I digress.) And then they never go away (unless they die.) Whereas with real boyfriends you have to 1) like the right person at the right time 2) wait and see if they somehow magically like you back and 3) hope for the best.

Real guys are great!! They can be awesome friends and are wonderfully supportive and so much more. But let’s face it; boys are different from girls and sometimes you have to admit they can be 1) smelly 2) not inclined to respond to words with anything other than wut 3) oblivious 4) smelly 5) clueless.

But book boyfriends, on the other hand ALWAYS KNOW THE PERFECT THING TO SAY and are way more sensitive than real boys are. They also always smell good; in fact, the other day I read a book that had a guy who had been traveling around for a long period of time and he STILL smelled good. Can I go live in that world?? I will bring chocolate.


As you shall see below, my favorite book boyfriend is the…morally ambiguous… Kaz Brekker from Six of Crows.

Now you have to understand: this guy is messed up. He kills people(!!!), is obsessed with getting revenge for his beloved older brother, can’t touch anyone, beats people up, kidnaps people…

I’m starting to become worried…??

But he’s also a tragically heartbreaking little guy who JUST HAD A HARD LIFE and I want to give him a hug. (He’d probably bite my head off but WHO CARES.) And he has that hair… And he’s really actually super sensitive under that tragically heartbreaking mask.

But if I were to like a guy like this in the real world?? My obsession with beautiful book covers would probably be the least of my problems.

Now, you might possibly be curious as to who MY book boyfriends are. So here are the top six (as of now.)

For reasons previously stated.

He’s slightly evil and dark and mysterious. Also, he has magical talents involving POISON.

Ignifex from Cruel Beauty
Well. He’s 1) an evil character who turns out to be sweet and wonderful and not actually evil whist still being dark and mysterious 2) magical 3) he has red eyes and 4) he is the ruler of evil shadowy demons, which is pretty exciting.

Okay, this is actually the first boyfriend who doesn’t raise uncomfortable questions. He 1) has never killed anyone 2) is actually genuinely sweet and 3) broke my heart and it’s clear I’m twisted.

He’s hilarious. And he’s a horse so he has respectable qualities. Also he’s never killed anyone and almost all of the other people on this list have…?

Another guy who’s never killed anyone!! I’m on a roll!! I actually love Felix because he was the first real book boyfriend I ever had. And he has the most amazing complexion. So he’s close to my heart *sobs*


So tell me!!! Do you agree with any of these points? Do you have any to add??
And of course, who is your favorite book boyfriend?

Lenna is a book lover who reads practically every spare second of the day. (This does not include the time she spends staring lovingly at the beautiful book covers on her shelf) She also likes to write fairy tales that she imagines will someday be published. She is obsessed with fantasy, and her favorite characters to read and write about are villains and anyone who is morally ambiguous. Sometimes this causes her to worry… She is also a firm believer that books are infinitely better when read while eating chocolate or anything sweet.

You can find her online at her blog, Twitter, or Goodreads!