Saturday, April 15, 2017

The birthday book tag!

It's my birthday!! Okay, so it was actually yesterday. I wanted to do something fun and I was super excited when I found this tag, originally created by BrunetteBibliophile on YouTube! Obviously, I wasn't tagged, but I'm tagging anyone with a birthday who wants to join in! 

Since I have so many copies of my favorite books and they're on the top shelves, I used my TBR shelf for this one! I ended up on When the Moon Was Ours, which I'm very eager to read, but haven't quite gotten to yet!

Anyone who knows me already knew the answer to this question and probably doesn't need any explanation, but here goes. The Darkling, because someone needs to give the poor guy a chance! Gah!

Since I suck at paying attention I have literally no idea what books take place in Spring. (Any suggestions?) Instead, I'm sharing the book I'm most excited to read this Spring!

I actually didn't know how to approach this one since my birthstone is a diamond... I decided to go with The One since it looks kind of diamond-y between the white dress and the mirrors in the background!

So... no. Not that I could find and definitely not that I've read! The closest I could get was Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunter series, which is currently 28 (?) books long. I've read 17 of them (I think).

This is so hard to answer!! It was a tossup between Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter, but when it comes down to it I would love to visit Middle Earth, but I don't know if I'd want to live there. Meanwhile, the world of Harry Potter has magic AND the internet.

Thanks for stopping by for my birthday post!
If you can think of any books set in the Spring, let me know in the comments!