Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Top Ten Tuesday #147: A plea for recs, honestly

Today's Topic: 
Ten Five Things On My Reading Wishlist

Okay, so I was actually scared of today's topic. "Things on my reading wishlist" seemed super broad and I didn't know where to start! Until i did and then I had a hard time stopping. :/ These are all things I absolutely adore in books and most of these are ones I've flown through in a day because I was so hooked! Sadly, there's not nearly enough of these five things out there. 

1. Shipwrecks and plane crashes

I LOVE books about disasters at sea or in the air! I have been known to watch shipwreck films before cruises (Poseidon before my most recent one). Am I a little crazy? Maybe. But it makes traveling more exciting. ;) 

2. Conspiracy theories

Man, I love a good conspiracy theory! I may even buy into a couple... But seriously, I love reading about conspiracies! And there isn't nearly enough convincing conspiracy fiction in the world. 

3. Monsters

I'm not even ashamed to admit that I love monster stories. It all started when my mom let me watch Jurassic Park and Jaws at age 9. Then it was Killer Bees and Anaconda and getting into Peter Benchley's other books. Send all the recs! (Note: I will not read Meg because the author is a jerk.)

4. Super mysterious happenings

This category is for the ones that don't fit anywhere else. Books about super weird stuff happening for no apparent reason are just so good! I don't understand why I haven't found more of them.

5. Civilizations with no knowledge of the outside world

This might be my ultimate favorite! Like my obsession with monsters, this one started with a movie. Watching the Village made me a sucker for stories about people living with no knowledge of what's going on around them. I love the twists when they find out!

Seriously though. I don't usually end my top ten posts with requests for recommendations, but I would LOVE to know about any books you've enjoyed that fall into these categories! Please give me some recs in the comments!

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