Sunday, May 14, 2017

Weekly Recap: 5/7 - 5/13

Hi everyone! I would say I'm happy for the weekend, but really it's the same as any other day now that I have a puppy who never sleeps past 6am. I hate to sound a bit whiney, but I can't wait until he's grown up a bit and can sleep in like my other two! Luckily, this has given me a bit of extra reading time lately, so there's the silver lining. Tomorrow I'm going to have the opportunity to preview Pandora at Disney's Animal Kingdom, which doesn't open until May 27th, and I couldn't be more excited for that! I'm not sure I'll get to check out the actual rides, but I can't wait to see everything anyway!

No new books this week!

Happy weekend! I am SO glad that the weekend is here. This week was really rough. We have lost half of our staff at work in the past two months, so the remaining staff have been working our butts off. We had a huge event to plan and run this week, which meant even more work on top of everything else we had to do. We were all completely exhausted by the time Friday night rolled around. And then I woke up feeling sick on Saturday morning. I am taking it super easy this weekend and relaxing a ton. The next few weeks will be easier than this one, but they are still going to be hard, so I will be relishing every minute of down time I can get. It's also rainy and SO COLD here, which is so upsetting since it's the middle of May. I hope you are having a warmer week than I am!

No new books this week!

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