Sunday, June 4, 2017

Weekly Recap: 5/28 - 6/3

Well, this has been yet another embarrassingly unproductive week here on the blog. I've been continuing to plan our trip for later this year, among other things. I have had almost no time to read between that and the puppy, who had a terrible reaction to K9 Advantix II this week. Head's up: absolutely do NOT give this to your small dog if you haven't already! He also had to get his first rabies vaccine this week and the poor little guy slept the whole day away. To make the week even better, the construction crews working next door cut my cable line (again) and I am currently without the Internet until Monday afternoon. Here's hoping for a better week ahead!

Nothing read this week :(

Why, hello there, friends! I apologize for my very brief recap last week. Life has been a little busy lately. (I know I say that every week...but seriously, I'm drowning over here.) Last week I had food poisoning and had to miss some work. Then I was away for the weekend at my friend's wedding. It was a wonderful wedding and I had an absolute blast. Then on the way home from the wedding, I spent some time wandering around Providence, which is where I went to college. It will always be one of my favorite cities, so it was so awesome to go back there. But...on the way home from Providence, I felt a tickle in my throat. And within a few hours I was down for the count. I've been dealing with strep and some kind of other awful infection all week. I missed two and a half days of work (on top of being super sick on my couch on Memorial Day), and honestly, the time I went into work was no fun at all. My goal for this weekend is serious relaxation and getting healthy because MY BIRTHDAY IS NEXT WEEKEND!!!!!!! I'm taking some time off for my birthday weekend and I can't wait to celebrate and have an amazing time. It's also my blogiversary the day after my birthday, so June is a big month for me. Have a great week!

No new books this week!

Nothing read this week :(

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