Monday, August 7, 2017

R.I.P. It or Ship It Book Tag

Happy Monday, everyone! We all know that Mondays are crap and mine is worse than normal this week, but I thought I'd try to make it fun anyway with a tag! I saw this in a pretty old post on Dreamland Book Blog and thought I'd bring it back. If you're reading this, I tag you!

  1. Write down the names of characters from different books. You can use scraps of paper, but I went with a random name picker. You can do as many as you like, but I did 20 (10 girls and 10 boys).
  2. Pull out two names at a time (from a container or your online name picker) and show them to your audience in whatever way you like. I'll just be making name graphics to share since I'm doing it all online. 
  3. Decision time! Do you ship them or do you want their relationship to die a peaceful/painful death? Tell the world!

This is a ship I can 100% get behind! I'm going to be honest, I love Luna and Neville and I would've LOVED that to be a thing, but I never really cared very much about Harry and Ginny. I know everyone else loves them, but... I always loved the little bit of interaction we got between Harry and Luna and it would've been perfect!

Well this is certainly a weird pairing - Morpheus from Splintered and Laia from An Ember in the Ashes. While I really like both of these characters, I don't think that Laia would put up with Morpheus and his crap for very long. I don't really see them working out longterm.

Oh man, this one is hard! The Darkling from The Grisha Trilogy is my absolute favorite male character in a book and I really loved Feyre until ACOWAR. After thinking it over, I'm going to say that I like this ship. The Darkling needs someone who can handle his uniqueness and I think Feyre probably can, considering Rhysand. The Darkling deserves love, okay?! I think Feyre would be good for him.

I know that people have a LOT of feelings about this ship. Draco obviously treated Hermione like garbage through most of the series, but I've read some fanfic that I actually kind of loved. I'm going to let them try it out and see where their relationship goes!

This is another really weird one... We all know that Rhysand loves a strong woman and Tris was definitely strong in the Divergent series. But I just have really mixed feelings about Tris in general. And can you imagine Tris taking a visit to the world of ACOTAR?? This would definitely be an interesting relationship, but something about it just feels icky to me.

Yessss! I love this so much and I didn't even know I needed it until I saw these names together! Amar from The Star-Touched Queen and Alina from The Grisha Trilogy would be so freaking perfect I can't stand it! They're both such fantastic characters and they BELONG TOGETHER!

What do you think about these pairings? 
Are there any you would've reacted differently to?
Let me know in the comments!