Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Book Tag

Hurray! Two of my favorite things: books and Buffy! I found this tag on Abyssal Librarian and tweaked it a bit, choosing to only include my favorite characters, as well as some that I hate, but find important. 

A female character that does the saving, or doesn’t need anyone to save her.

Lada from And I Darken is a total badass who does have some experiences with men throughout the series, but ultimately is in charge of her own destiny and certainly doesn't need to be saved. She takes care of her enemies on her own, but is able to work with others when needed. 

Name a character that brings or hold friends or a group together OR a character that always makes you laugh.

Everyone might not agree, but Ron was my immediate Xander choice. Not only does he always make me laugh (as long as he's not having a temper tantrum), but I also think he holds the group together. Harry and Hermione both need him for different reasons, but he's definitely important to their trio.

Name a character that became very powerful (in either a good way or a bad way).

Could there possibly be another choice? Alina starts out the series as a quite cartographer's assistant and ends as the Sun Summoner. I loved following her journey almost as much as I loved Willow's.

Name a character who is a fantastic father or father figure.

Again, who else could it have been? Sirius Black is my ultimate when it comes to father figures in the bookish world! *cries forever*

Name a character that pretended to be nice but turned out to be bad.

Real talk: I hate Angel with a fiery passion. But he's an important character, so here we are. Neely from Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea is a character who caught me off guard with his extreme awfulness.

Name a character who tries hard to be good.

Okay, there may be some disagreement over whether the Darkling tried to be good, but I'm calling him the perfect choice for Spike. He COULD have been good, given the chance!

Name a character who seems strange or crazy.

Penryn's mom. I don't know what else I can say.

Name a character who would be a great boyfriend, but maybe has something that keeps him from being perfect.

Poor Varen. He wants to be a good boyfriend so badly, but he has got A LOT going on! (PS: You need to read this series if you haven't already!)

Name a character who loves to be the centre of attention and does everything they can to stay in the spotlight.

I can't remember if Lavender Brown behaves the same way in the books as in the movies, but she definitely came to mind when I thought of Cordelia! I have always been SO annoyed at how she inserted herself into Ron's life (which I guess is how we're supposed to feel).

Name a character that seems/appears younger than their age.

I was going to go with the obvious vampire pick, but I decided to choose Peter Pan instead! Who knows how old the boy who never grows up is? He could probably rival Edward at this point.

Name a character who grew into his/her own

Like Tara, Kestrel started her journey unsure of herself and scared to displease her father. By the end she had become a powerful, confident woman who led a revolution!

Are there any you would've chosen differently for?
Who is your favorite Buffy character?
Let me know in the comments!