Saturday, December 2, 2017

Saturday Screen Time #5: Powerful Women

Happy Saturday, everyone! This week I was in a bit of a weird mood and found myself gravitating towards somewhat obscure and independent films about strong female characters. As it turned out, a lot of the strong women were, you know, psychopaths, but it was still a decent week in movie watching!


Stoker - I saw this movie a long time ago, but I had forgotten just how messed up it is! This is by the writer of Oldboy and The Handmaiden. If you've seen either of those, you might have an idea of what to expect. India is a strange character and the mysterious uncle who comes to visit after her father's death is even stranger. The relationships that ensue between India, her uncle, and her mother, are fascinating and everything always feels just a little bit off. I enjoy movies that make me feel a little uncomfortable, and this one fits the (disturbing) bill! (4/5 stars)

Lady Macbeth - I'd seen Lady Macbeth around a bit, but I hadn't heard anything about it. I had to go to Amazon UK to get a blu ray copy and was super excited to watch it when it came! This is a movie about a woman who's married off to a truly awful man and finds herself in an affair. Katherine is indeed a strong woman, but I think it's fair to say she's a bit disturbed. I didn't actually think I liked this movie very much, but I've found myself thinking about it over and over throughout the week. I may have to give it a rewatch! (3.5/5 stars)

The Beguiled - This is another one I haven't seen much about until I spotted the gorgeous cover on a shelf at Target. I looked it up and snagged a digital copy and watched it immediately! The Beguiled is about group of women at a boarding school who take in an injured enemy soldier and nurse him back to health. Once again, "strong" women translates to slightly insane, but I did enjoy most of this film. I didn't love the ending though, and I doubt I'll be watching it again. (3/5 stars)

Tulip Fever - And here is the one that disappointed me the most this week. I got a digital copy of Tulip Fever after 1) seeing that it starred Dane Dehan, and 2) reading the ridiculous backstory of this movie. Again, this is a story about a woman who's married off to a man who just wants her to produce heirs. She starts an affair with the man who is hired to paint their portrait and it just goes off the rails from there. I didn't understand why the couple fell in love (they never even talked to each other), and the decision Sophia made at the end made absolutely no sense whatsoever. There was also a speech by the husband at the end about how he treated Sophia badly and was cruel to her, although all we see in the film is him being kind again and again. I definitely wouldn't recommend this movie. (2/5 stars)

Have you seen either of these? What did you think?
What movies have you watched lately?
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