Friday, March 23, 2018

My three favorite podcasts and why you should listen to them

Today is going to be a change of pace! Instead of talking about books or movies, let's talk about podcasts! These are the reason I've fallen behind on my audiobook listening lately. As soon as I'm done listening to one, another pops up on my feed! I listen to a few others, but today I'm sharing my top three podcasts!

Title: The Last Podcast on the Left
Hosts: Ben Kissel, Marcus Parks, Henry Zebrowski
Genre: Horror, True Crime

Why it's awesome: I found Last Podcast a little over a year ago and was IMMEDIATELY sucked in. I love horror and conspiracies and aliens and I literally lost DAYS of my life listening to the backlog of episodes. And by the way, if you're like me and obsess a little over things, there is a massive backlog of episodes for this podcast! The hosts are hilarious and the topics are well researched. I've learned tons of useless (and some not-useless) facts from this show about topics ranging from Jonestown to the Gulf Breeze sightings to Waco to serial killers I had never even heard of. If you have a weird fasciation with cults and conspiracies, this is probably a podcast you'll love!

Title: Lore
Host: Aaron Mahnke
Genre: Horror, History

Why it's awesome: My brother and I found Lore on a 10 hour drive from North Carolina to Florida a couple years ago. Like Last Podcast, it became one of my favorites and I binge listened the entire backlog. Unfortunately, there weren't nearly as many episodes to listen to. Lore tells the darker stories from history that you've probably never heard before. This is another one I've learned a lot from! I'll admit I haven't watched the Amazon show, but from what I've heard it's basically the episodes but with visuals to go along with them. I've heard people complain about the host's voice and, while I do agree that he can be a little monotone, it wasn't bad enough to put me to sleep on my drive! This is definitely a fun one if you like dark history and urban legends.

Title: Bachelor Party 
Hosts: Juliet Litman
Genre: Reality TV

Why it's awesome: Okay, so completely switching gears... It's no secret around the blog that I love Bachelor Nation and all its shows. I had never listened to Bachelor Party until Arie's season but now I'll never go back. I love the gossip (no shame) and celebrity interviews and speculation! It probably helped that I absolutely couldn't stand the most recent bachelor, so I adored listening to other people talk about him! xD I know there are other Bachelor fans who come around every now and then, so this one's for you!

What podcasts do you love and why? 
Let me know in the comments!