Thursday, April 26, 2018

The Best and Worst Love Triangles in YA

Love triangles, we all love to hate them, but is it possible that sometimes they actually (rarely) work? I'll admit, when a love triangle is extremely well-written, I actually can enjoy them. Sadly, that hardly ever happens. Most of the time love triangles are written into YA books as garbage plot devices that don't make any sense. Today I'd like to talk about the love triangles I love the most, and the ones I most despise. (Click on fan art for sources.)


Katniss, Peeta, and Gale

An oldie but goodie, this was one of the first triangles I ever read that felt authentic. It has been (many) years since I last read The Hunger Games, but I remember being completely torn between the two love interests! They were both so unique and made sense for Katniss in completely different ways. While I ultimately did hate the way the series ended, I did totally understand her choice. This is one love triangle that was written well enough to make me feel okay with either decision Katniss made.

Lada, Mehmed, Radu

This love triangle almost killed me, not even joking. I love this book for so many reasons and the relationships between these three people is high on the list! Everything about this book is so realistic, including the romance and the triangle. I legitimately wanted each of the sides of this romance to work out SO badly! (PS: why isn't there more fan art for this series??)

Jeb, Alyssa, and Morpheus

I really wasn't sure which side of the list this Splintered love triangle should be placed on. On the one hand, I understood Alyssa's choices and why she loved both these people. On the other hand, I have SUCH mixed feelings about how everything worked out! I am, of course, Team Morpheus until the end of my days, but I totally get the appeal of Jeb and I think either side of this triangle would have been okay (but also Morpheus is the right choice). 


Feyre, Tamlin, and Rhysand

While I adore the A Court of Thorns and Roses series, I despise this love triangle for one reason - it was manipulative. Sarah J. Maas spent an entire book convincing the readers that we were supposed to love one side of this triangle - that it was TRUE LOVE! Then in the next book we're told it's all a lie. I hate it. If you're going to write a love triangle, at least make both sides convincing! You can't change the rules halfway through.

Alina, Mal, and the Darkling

I know I'm going to get some hate for this one, but oh well. Fans are VERY divided on where they stand with this triangle. I guess you could argue that either choice was bad, but there was one particular side of the triangle that I absolutely could not get behind. While one of the love interests was supportive of Alina in his own, messed up way, the other absolutely only cared about the parts of her that he preferred and I couldn't stand it. I hated the way the series ended, even though it remains one of my all-time favorites.

Edward, Bella, and Jacob

Another oldie, but a really-not-goodie. I'm sure people will disagree with me here too, but holy crap what even were these options? First of all, Bella desperately needed to drop both these psychos and see a therapist. Second, Edward (while the "team" I would probably choose because Jacob is even more creepy) is a major creeper! Pro tip: don't sneak into your crush's house and watch them sleep. Edward was insanely controlling (and we wonder how we ended up with 50 Shades) while Jacob had some major rage issues to work out. Neither side of this triangle works for me.

So, at the end of the day, I guess a good love triangle, to me, is one that convinces me that either option is a realistic one. Love triangles that try to emotionally manipulate me to pick one or the other, or triangles in which one option makes absolutely no sense, really don't work for me.

Now I'd like to know what you think! Which of these do you agree or disagree with? What triangle that I didn't remember should be on a best or worst list? Let me know in the comments!