Thursday, May 17, 2018

Anti-haul #2: Winter & Spring 2018

I did my first anti-haul post for Fall 2017 and kind of forgot about them after that... whoops! Today I'm catching up. The idea is to share the books that I will NOT be purchasing instead of the books I'm excited to read. Here's my anti-haul for Winter 2017/2018 and Spring 2018!

Last year I tried. I tried SO HARD to read Daughter of the Burning City! And I was so, so bored. At first, I thought maybe Ace of Shades would be the book that redeemed Amanda Foody for me, but I've not heard great things. In fact, every friend I've talked to who has read it actually kind of hated it. I just don't think she's the author for me. 

Is it really shallow of me to say that I'm a Marvel girl? I've watched most of the older DC movies and even kind of enjoyed Wonder Woman, but I just have no attachment whatsoever to any DC character other than the original Superman. I don't think I could make myself care about Batman if I tried. Sadly, not even when Batman is written by Marie Lu. 

Oh, Jay. You're such a cool guy. I love following you on Twitter and Illuminae was a super cool book! You have the best sense of humor and I really wish I liked more of your books. But. Other than Illuminae, I've never enjoyed a Jay Kristoff book. I feel like his humor is too evident in all of his books and it makes them kind of blur together. I don't know, maybe I'll give him another shot eventually. Maybe I'll pick this one up on audio at my library, but I'm not holding out much hope. 

This was literally one of my top three most anticipated books of 2018, but it was so bad. I was lucky(?) enough to read an advance copy and was truly shocked when I ended up canceling my preorder. Something happened to this series between books one and two and whatever it was really didn't work for me. 

I feel like anyone who reads my blog is aware of my extreme hatred for the Red Queen trilogy series. I enjoyed Red Queen, despised Glass Sword, and couldn't even make it halfway through King's Cage. I can't imagine War Storm will redeem the series in any way as long as Mare continues to exist within the universe. The chance of this book ending up on my shelf is less than zero. 

Which books are you not excited for?
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