Thursday, May 31, 2018

Do you hoard special editions?

We live in one of the best times to get books ever.  There are millions of copies printed every day, and of course publishers have to do something to give people the incentive to buy their books. So every once in a while publishers will create a “special” or “collectors” edition of a book. Each of these editions will have extra content or a different physical appearance to the original book.

This is totally just a way for the publishers to make more money off of people, but unfortunately it works way to well for my own good. They could literally take all of my paycheck every week with all the amazing editions out there.

I am very guilty of owning multiple copies of my favorite books. For example, I have four editions of The Cruel Prince, and each edition is unique. To further elaborate on my Cruel Prince collection, I have the Advance Reader Copy, The original finished copy, the Owlcrate exclusive cover edition and the Barnes and Noble edition with the black cover and extra content.

I also have both the Lady Midnight and Lord of Shadows Waterstones editions. These books are my pride and joy, and they look absolutely gorgeous sitting there on my shelf. I fully plan on getting the Queen of Air and Darkness one when it releases so I can have a matching set.

I even got a UK special edition of Strange the Dreamer just because I couldn’t stand the US cover of the book. My edition is a beautiful marbled blue with stained blue pages.

Speaking of stained pages, I have a ton of books with them as well. This list includes Six of Crows, Crooked Kingdom, Heart of Iron, The Smoke Thieves, Beyond a Darkened Shore, etc.

What are some of the beautiful special editions you have gracing your shelves?