Saturday, June 23, 2018

How often do I actually read the books on my TBR list?

Multiple times a year, usually at the start of each season, I make a TBR list. In fact, I posted one just this Tuesday! That post got me thinking: how often do I actually follow through and read the books I add to these lists? I went back through old posts and randomly selected one from each of the years I've been blogging. The covers with an X are the ones I did NOT get around to reading!

2014 TBR BOOKS READ: 7/10

Not to shabby! I actually have read most of the books on this list! To be fair, my reading world was much smaller back in my first year of blogging, so there weren't a ton to choose from (as far as I knew). Still, I'm impressed with myself!

2015 TBR BOOKS READ: 9/10

Definitely way better than I'd expected! I really felt like I never read any of the books on my TBR, but I'm actually impressing myself. Of course, one of these was also on the 2014 list and I don't remember which year I read it.

2016 TBR BOOKS READ: 6/10

Still not terrible, but not great either. Still, it's more than 50%! I guess it's not surprising that the ones I didn't read were contemporary YA, or at least not fantasy books.

2017 TBR BOOKS READ: 5/10

And here we are, at 50% read, which is honestly still a bit better than I was expecting, but it's pretty embarrassing! This is the problem with being in the know about so many amazing books being published! There's just too much to read!

2018 TBR BOOKS READ: 5/10

Only 50% again, but I'm cutting myself some slack on this one since it has only been three months since I made this TBR list. I'm also halfway through three of these since I've had a bit of a problem getting sucked into a some of them. 

Overall, I actually did way better on this than I thought I had! Every time I put together a TBR I feel like there's no way I'm actually going to read most of them. I definitely see the difference between the first two years and the third being that I just found SO MUCH more to read! And I'm thinking that the reason I've done better in the past two years than the one before is that I've gotten a bit better at knowing what I'll enjoy. Maybe. Or maybe it's just luck! 

How good are you about reading what you put on your TBR? Do you tend to skip over things you thought you wanted to read, but have changed your mind about? Do you get overwhelmed with choices? And very importantly, are there any I've skipped over that you think I'd love? Let me know in the comments!