Thursday, August 16, 2018

Reading with the seasons

I know that there is still a bit of summer left, but with my friends and coworkers talking about going back to school I feel like fall is right on my doorstep. Normally I am a bit mood reader, unless I have a review deadline. I like to pick up books depending on how I feel at that particular time.

Autumn has got to be my favorite season of all and I tend to get a ton of reading done during this season. In the past few years, I have noticed a bit of a change in my reading especially when this season is in full swing.

I love to read lots of quicker paced, action books during the fall for whatever reason. Books like Illuminae, Contagion, and This Is Our Story get me sitting on the edge of my seat craving more. I'm not sure if this stems from the fact that fall tends to be one of the shortest seasons and it makes me just want to read quick books because of that, or what, but either way it works for me.

I also like to dive into new fantasy worlds that I have not explored yet. A couple years ago I binged The Darkest Minds and Passenger during the fall. It was probably one of the best decisions ever!

As the seasons change again I want to see if I notice any other changes in my reading tastes. I'm not really sure how they'll change if at all as I can be a bit dense to my reading ways lol. I think it would be really interesting to be able to track my reading and see.

Does your reading change at all with the seasons?
Let me know in the comments!