Friday, September 21, 2018

Mini DNF ARC Review: Black Wings Beating

Title: Black Wings Beating (Skybound #1)
Author: Alex London
Publication Date: September 25, 2018
Publisher: Farrar Straus Giroux
Pages: 432
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//I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review//
The people of Uztar have long looked to the sky with hope and wonder. Nothing in their world is more revered than the birds of prey and no one more honored than the falconers who call them to their fists.

Brysen strives to be a great falconer--while his twin sister, Kylee, rejects her ancient gifts for the sport and wishes to be free of falconry. She's nearly made it out, too, but a war is rolling toward their home in the Six Villages, and no bird or falconer will be safe.

Together the twins must journey into the treacherous mountains to trap the Ghost Eagle, the greatest of the Uztari birds and a solitary killer. Brysen goes for the boy he loves and the glory he's long craved, and Kylee to atone for her past and to protect her brother's future. But both are hunted by those who seek one thing: power.

Black Wings Beating was one of my most anticipated books of this year! It's gorgeous and the synopsis sounds so unique! I was thrilled to receive it in the mail earlier this year. Once I started reading it though, I quickly realized it wasn't going to be the book for me.

I don't have a ton to say about Black Wings Beating, but the main point I took away was that if you are not interested in birds and falconry, you may not love this book. I slogged through the first few chapters and there was just SO much bird talk. I guess I should've guessed as much from the things I mentioned drew me in, but I really didn't think it was literally going to be primarily a bird book.

The characters also weren't captivating enough to keep me interested. It's possible that they could've pulled me in had I kept at it, but Brysen seemed impulsive and annoying, and Kylee just didn't make a huge impression. I do like that the main characters were siblings, though.

Apart from the focus on the birds, the world building was interesting, if a bit of an info dump. The mythology surrounding the two clans was unique and in the bit that I read of this book I did find it to be well written. Sadly, these things weren't enough to keep me reading. If you love birds, you'll probably love this book! I just couldn't get into it.