Friday, September 14, 2018

TV & movie adaptations that need to be made ASAP

Do you ever finish a book and immediately wish someone would adapt it for television or as a film? Some would definitely work better as TV series - mostly the ones that have enough material to make a fantastic series without dragging or relying on filler episodes. Not surprisingly, I think fantasy series would be best for this. Then you have the books that wouldn't be enough for a show, but would still be great as a movie. I know we all like to whine about it when there's a bad adaptation, but with the right cast and crew, these are ten I think would be incredible! 


A Court of Thorns and Roses - I LOVED the first two books in this series and, while admit the last two haven't been my favorites, this would absolutely make an amazing TV series. I would love to see Feyre on her journey of self discovery unfolding over months. And can you imagine the new viewer reactions to the romance twist?? This would be a fantastic TV series to join in on episode discussions.

And I Darken - When I think of this series I'm thinking of something like Game of Thrones or maybe Spartacus. I can just imagine seeing this with a big budget on HBO or Starz. It would definitely have to be on a network that can play more adult content. The romance, the wars, the epic scale! I would definitely pay for a subscription to be able to watch this every week.

The Eye of the World - I'm fairly confident that this has been rumored as a TV series multiple times over the years and I just don't understand why it hasn't happened yet! This epic fantasy series would be incredible to watch! Idea: instead of a Lord of the Rings series (since those movies are already perfect), how about we get The Wheel of Time? I think this is another one I'd love to see on HBO.

The Selection - I know this is mostly fluff, but it is fantastic fluff! I could absolutely see this as a CW show. I'm thinking similar to Reign. The costumes alone would be totally worth watching for! But hopefully they'd know to stop after the first three books...

Shadow and Bone - Oh look, another fantasy series! Are you shocked? I think Shadow and Bone would be perfect as a teen fantasy series. Do we even have any of those? Does Shannara count? It seems like most teen shows are more urban fantasy. I am 100% here for tortured anti-hero Darkling on an angsty teen TV show!


Alive - Honestly, can we just let M. Night do this movie? I feel like we're allowed to talk about him again since he's redeemed himself and the twist is absolutely deserving of his skills. This is an amazing sci-fi series that could definitely be done with people in their early 20s instead of the younger teens in the book. I would definitely buy opening day tickets.

Caraval - As you may know, this is one of my FAVORITES! But since it's over the course of a few days, I really don't think there's enough to stretch into a TV show. I could definitely imagine this being made into a beautiful, atmospheric movie that would instantly become a favorite for me.

Salt to the Sea - I would love this to be made into a movie! I actually never knew about this ocean disaster until I read the book and I feel like it would be one of those "based on a true story" films that could actually teach a history lesson while being entertaining.

Sleeping Giants - This series deserves a trilogy! It's not enough for a show, but they could definitely pull three movies out of it and I'm really surprised it hasn't happened yet. There's so much mystery and intrigue with the ancient aliens plot that I think would appeal to a ton of people. Make it happen!

Welcome to the Dark House - Finally, since I'm always looking for a good horror movie, this is one that NEEDS to happen! It's so creepy and I think if they did it right, this could be a terrifying movie that wouldn't rely on jump scares. In a world of awful teen horror films, can we please just get Welcome to the Dark House as a good one?

Would you watch any of these? 
What would you like to see adapted for screen?