Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Top Ten Tuesday #213: Bookish and movie merch wishlist

Today's Topic: 
Bookish & Movie Merch I’d Like to Own

Today's topic is a bit weird because, despite the fact that I make bookish candles, I really don't collect merch. I do collect some stuff, but not really things like bookmarks, book sleeves, stickers, or buttons. Sadly (so sadly) I have more expensive tastes. These are the top ten bookish and movie fandom things on my wishlist!


There's no link for this one since you kind of have to search around to find it, but it has been on my list for YEARS and no one in my family will get it for me! *cries forever*

I have been staring at this beauty for AWHILE. I don't usually care much about jewelry and this may be the first piece I've asked for... maybe ever? I just love the design and the color and, of course, Belle is my all-time favorite Disney Princess.

EXCUSE ME IT COMES IN KING SIZE! This is my number one complaint about having a king bed - nothing cute fits it! But this one is legitimately on my Christmas list. I'm waiting to see what my husband says when he notices it. XD

Have I ever mentioned that Galadriel is my favorite LotR character, hands down? Have I ever mentioned that I have her inked permanently on my body? I've been obsessed for 16 years, what can I say? I already have the (Nenya) ring and I really need the necklace to match!

Hi, my name is Tracy and Mal can drive off a cliff. I will always and forever ship Alina and the Darkling and this poster is everything! I love this contrast so much and I need it hanging in my library.

Do I live in Florida? Yes. Do I need a velvet robe anyway? Yes. This Ravenclaw robe looks so luxurious! I will turn the AC up just so that I can wear it. It even looks like there's an eagle instead of a raven!

I don't even know if this is for sale, but it's beautiful and I'd love to have one just like it! Look how gorgeous his wings are!

I already have one too many wands, but this collection is just so cool! It's another thing that has been on my list for years, but my family refuses to get because they think I'm weird. :/

Most people wouldn't get the reference, but this quote is so powerful whether you know the fandom or not! I also happen to think the art on the shirt is beautiful. I'd definitely wear it.

Who doesn't need a time turner in their jewelry box? I've also seen the packaging for this and it's so pretty! I'd love to have one someday!

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