Thursday, January 24, 2019

How often do I actually read the books on my TBR lists: 7 months later

Last June I discussed the sad state of my TBR list and how I very rarely get to the books I want to read. This is why I never made TBR lists for reading challenges. I know I'll never be able to complete them! But every season and sometimes more often, Top Ten Tuesday asks me to share my most anticipated upcoming reads. I felt that seven months later was enough time to check back in and see how well I've done since then. Spoiler: it's mildly embarrassing.

Hmm. Well, I read seven out of twenty. And if we're being honest, I DNFd two of them. Yikes.

For my Summer and Fall TBR lists in 2018 I did at least try to stick to fantasy reads since the reason I failed miserably in the years before was because I kept putting contemporary books on my lists. A few of these I really loved! The Glass Butterfly and Grace and Fury were some of my favorite reads of the year!

This very yikesy list of non-accomplishments is why you'll probably be seeing Down the TBR Hole around my blog more and more often! I'm not sure why I so often fail to read the books I'm anticipating, but it's definitely a trend. It could have something to do with the fact that I rarely look back at these lists once they're made. Whoops! Here's hoping I can get to a decent number of backlist books in 2019!

Am I the only person who makes lists and never looks at them again?
Are you any better at checking books off your TBR than I am?
Let me know in the comments!