Saturday, January 26, 2019

Saturday Screen Time #28: Unpopular Opinions

Happy Saturday, everyone! It's time for another edition of Saturday Screen Time! It has been a little while since I've done one of these and this week I'm actually including a TV series. I'm already ready for the boos since I definitely have some unpopular opinions to share about some loved movies this week. 


Revenge - I really need to stop watching movies I see on "best of" lists. I first saw this recommended somewhere... maybe on Reddit? But then I got an email from Shudder and this was their number one movie of the year! It had to be good, right? Then I looked up the ratings and was shocked at how many people loved it. Then my husband and I turned it on and I was begging to turn it off less than 30 minutes in. I should've walked out of the room, honestly. It was that bad. The characters were painfully dumb and the continuity errors were SO bad. Unpopular opinion number one. (1/5 stars)

Aquaman - Everyone I know who has seen this movie has LOVED it! The only "new" DC movie I've remotely enjoyed was Wonder Woman and I've seen this compared to that a few times, so I agreed to go watch it when my husband was dying to go. Can I just say meh? It was fine, I guess, as far as DC movies go, but what even was this? It was all over the place. The editing was weird, there was just TOO MUCH. The CGI was just really bad at times. 30-years-younger Nicole Kidman flipping around fighting a group of men definitely stood out as obviously fake. This franchise just isn't for me. Unpopular opinion number two... (2/5 stars)

Eighth Grade - Hey, another one everyone seems to love! I could feel the tone this movie was going for, and I definitely can appreciate it, but it just isn't for me. Middle school was painful enough without living it again through another awkward teenager. I tried really, really hard to enjoy this movie, but I ended up giving up a little over halfway through. Unpopular Opinion number three! (DNF)

You - Finally, something I enjoyed! I have looked at the book a million times and never read it, but when I saw Penn Badgley was the lead in this show I had to watch it! Penn does a ridiculously good job of portraying Joe in You. This show was creepy and uncomfortable, but somehow made me root for the bad guy?? I am now obsessed and am finally reading the book. (5/5 stars)

Are you a fan of DC movies?
What are your unpopular movie opinions?
Let me know in the comments!