Friday, April 19, 2019

Game of Thrones Book Tag

With Game of Thrones back and just amazing as always, I'm excited to pour some of the hype into an awesome book tag! This tag was created by Claire Rousseau on Booktube and showcases some of the show's best characters!

A character that's all about revenge

Lada Dragwlya is the most badass of all female characters and is out for revenge from the very beginning of her series. I love how fierce she is and how hard she goes for what she believes is hers.

A book that featuring political intrigue

This is a recent favorite and one that has the perfect amount of political intrigue! It has to be done just right to hold my attention and Ash Princess definitely did.

A villain you love to hate

Keris Veturia is the worst of the worst in the world of An Ember in the Ashes. There are Bigger Bads, but she is the one I hate the most. I hope she dies the same way Joffrey did, to be honest.

A coming-of-age story

Can I say Harry Potter? I'm saying Harry Potter. Although I didn't get to grow up with the characters, I never get tired of seeing them go from children to adults over the course of the series.

A ship you don't like

There is no other answer besides Alina and Mal. I hate them together so much. I'd rather Alina have ended up with herself than ended up with Soggy Bread Mal.

A kickass older character

I'm going with another obvious choice: Gandalf. He's amazing in the books and the movies and I love him. Literally who else is more badass than he is?

A book featuring dragons

I don't usually care for books about dragons, but Talon is such a unique series! I love the idea of dragons hiding right under our noses and the characters in this book are amazing.

A character you grew to love

Nesta Archeron was so hard to love from the very start, but over the course of the series she really grew on me. She's still a bit rough, but I understand and love her character so much more!

Favorite magical system

Completely ignoring everything undone by King of Scars, I'm going to go with the magic of the Grishaverse. I think it's so unique and I love how each category is so distinct.

A character whose weapon is his mind

Kestrel is such a brilliant character, which really comes through more as the series goes on. I loved Kestrel for a lot of reasons, but her ability to strategize was high among them.

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