Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Top Ten Tuesday #234: Crazy things I've done for books

Today's Topic: 
Crazy Things I've Done
For the Love of Books

Hi everyone! This is a topic that's a little hard for me since I tend to prefer the easier ones that only require digging through Goodreads. I can confidently say I NEVER forget to eat, so that was out for this list, but I appreciated the suggestion. XD I really had to dig back to think of things to go on this list, but here we go! 

  1. Went to the principal's office in high school for reading The Eye of the World by Robert Jordan in math class. 
  2. Carried around a red leather-bound edition of The Lord of the Rings trilogy for weeks in high school. I'm really lucky there weren't more bullies. 
  3. Planned multiple weekends and vacations around book conventions. 
  4. Stood in a three hour line at one of said book conventions to get a really anticipated ARC.
  5. Bought a house partially based on the layout of one room in particular that I thought would accommodate a full wall of shelves (it did). 
  6. Spent literal years trading and re-trading books to complete collections. I'm still working on one of them. 
  7. Planned entire days around getting a book on opening day at a B&N an hour from my house on multiple occasions. 
  8. Stood outside in Florida heat for two hours to meet Leigh Bardugo. 
  9. Pre-ordered FIVE different editions of Finale including two book boxes, two UK exclusive editions, and the normal one from Amazon. Whoops. 
  10. Woke up at a ridiculous hour to order one of the UK editions. I hate mornings.

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