Saturday, May 4, 2019

Saturday Screen Time #32: NOT horror!

Happy Saturday, everyone! I'm back with another Screen Time and this time I didn't watch a single horror movie! Mostly because my mom is in town. This week has been a lot of Marvel and I am loving it. I'll be getting the chance to see Endgame again soon and I can't wait to look for things I missed. I also watched Game of Thrones this week, but I won't be talking about that until the season ends. 


Avengers: Endgame - This is the movie event I've been waiting my whole life to see and it did not disappoint! Unfortunately, some jerk decided to spoil some major (major) events for me, but I still loved every second of it. I stopped drinking fluids two hours before the movie so I wouldn't have to miss a second. There was so much that had to be wrapped up with this three hour film, and they did an incredible job of bringing this story to a (kind of) close. (5/5 stars)

Captain Marvel - I saw it AGAIN! This was my third time seeing Captain Marvel, this time with my mom, and I'm happy to report that it gets better with each viewing. I can't wait to own this one! I know that some people thought it was overkill, but I get so hyped every time Carol kicks ass to I'm Just a Girl. If you haven't seen this movie, GO! (5/5 stars)

The Originals Season 3 - This season was SO GOOD! I am torn between upset I missed out on this show for so long and happy that I get to watch it for the first time now. Klaus and Elijah are just so good together and Freya is an amazing addition to the Original family. I still can't stand Hayley and Davina, but Cami did grow on me. The new threat for the season was a bit annoying, but I'd almost watch these actors watch paint dry. (5/5 stars)

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs - Well this was... something. My mom picked it out on Netflix and I had never seen it before. I did love that it went full cartoon and wasn't scared to be super weird. That being said, I definitely would have enjoyed this more as a kid. I loved the art style and the characters were cute, but the story was just a bit too much for me. (3/5 stars)

Do you prefer Marvel or DC?
What show have you started super late?
Let me know in the comments!