Monday, June 3, 2019

Do you review every book you read?

Happy Monday, bookworms! Today I want to talk about something I do somewhat regularly, but have never mentioned - neglecting to review books that I've read. I do this for various reasons. Sometimes it's because a book doesn't seem like it would fit my blog, other times it's just because I forgot or don't have much to say. Either way there are definitely books I've read in the last several years, but have never mentioned on the blog.


The first category are books I kept meaning to review, but just kept forgetting to get around to. Sometimes I even mention them in weekly recap posts, but don't actually write a review post.



This could probably be solved by taking notes while I read, but I've just never felt the urge. I read primarily because I enjoy it and reviewing comes second, so I've never wanted to make the reading process about the review. Unfortunately, that sometimes results in books that I can't think of a review for. Usually this happens with books that I'm bored with... Alternatively, there are books that I feel have had plenty said about them and I don't know what more I could possibly add.



This is primarily a YA book blog, as you probably know. Sometimes I review adult thrillers and horror. Every now and then I might even review an adult contemporary book, but that's about as far out of YA as I go. Still, sometimes I want to read something that is so far into left field that I just don't feel like I should even bother reviewing it. These often include non-fiction and super graphic romance.


Do you review everything you read?
Do you forget or skip books on purpose?
Let me know in the comments!