Saturday, June 1, 2019

Retellings Reading Challenge: Second Quarter Update & Link-up

Happy June, bookworms! Welcome to the second quarter update and link-up of the 2019 Retellings Reading Challenge! I hope you've all made some progress and read some amazing retellings so far this year! As a reminder, this challenge is still open to join! To get started, I'll share my progress for this quarter:


This quarter I didn't read quite as many retellings as the first quarter, although I still read several great book! Luckily, the one I did get to was easily one of my favorites of 2019 so far! House of Salt and Sorrows is a retelling of the The Twelve Dancing Princesses and it is SO spooky and weird. I can't wait to share my review!


In case you missed it, we also have a group on Goodreads where we discuss books we've been reading, share suggestions to fill bingo spaces, and do a group read each month. You can join the group HERE if you haven't already! Here's what we've read so far, as well as our upcoming read for this month: 


Each month the group nominates a bingo topic to group read, then we nominate books based on that topic. Finally, we vote on which book to read and discuss throughout the month. For April, we voted to read Never Never to fill the Peter Pan Retelling space. Cruel Beauty was our May read and filled the Beauty and the Beast Retelling space. Our vote for June is still in progress, so get your votes in if you haven't yet!


Now it's your turn! Link up to your reviews for the challenge to get an extra entry in the year-end giveaway! As a reminder, you can also get extra entries for getting bingo or filling your bingo card completely. Do NOT share your quarterly updates in this link-up! This is for reviews only. Instead, share links to your updates in the comments!