Thursday, July 25, 2019

Top Ten Continued: Fantasy settings I really want more of

This Tuesday I focused my Top Ten post around fantastical locations I'd love to see more of in books. Today I decided to see if I could find any books in each setting. It was ridiculously hard to find anything for most of these and I'm insanely bummed about it. Someone write these! If you've heard of something I couldn't find, let me know in the comments!



This one was actually less difficult than the others! The first book that came immediately to mind was The City of Ember. It has been YEARS since I've read it, but I remember loving it... Maybe it's time for a reread. The second is Stain, which I read last year. This is a retelling that's set partially underground in a world of nighttime and it's magical!



Of course, when you think of books about Camelot, The Mists of Avalon will probably be the first that comes to mind. I've never actually read it, but I've known of it for as long as I can remember. The next is The Guinevere Deception. I haven't read it yet, but I have an ARC and intend to read it soon! I was surprised I couldn't find more books set in Camelot, although there were other Arthurian Legend retellings with other settings.


The only book I could find to fit this setting was Ivory and Bone, which is surprising. Prehistory seems like an amazing setting for a book! Someone write more of these and I'll run off and finally read Ivory and Bone.



Where are all the books set on Olympus at?? There are tons of retellings about the gods but apparently very few set on the mountain itself. The Last Olympian is apparently set partially on Olympus (someone confirm, I never made it that far in the series). I also found The Flame of Olympus, which seems to involve saving Olympus, so I'm assuming it's at least a setting for some of the book.



Neverland was much easier, although there aren't nearly enough books with this setting either. The first one is Tiger Lily, which I read a few years ago and loved! Tiger Lily is a romantic retelling about Tiger Lily and Peter Pan but told from Tinker Bell's perspective. The other Neverland book I've loved is Never Never, this one with romance between Tiger Lily and James Hook.


Nope, I couldn't find a SINGLE book with Shangri-La as a setting.



This is another one with lots of stories, but I'm going to share my two favorites. Splintered is the first, of course. This is a unique Wonderland retelling with a wonderfully snarky caterpillar named Morpheus. Another favorite is Heartless, the story of the Queen of Hearts before she became the villain.


And this is where I truly hit a roadblock. The only book I could find set in El Dorado was the eighth book in the Scarlet Pimpernel series, published in 1913. Did anyone else know there was more than one? I demand someone go write a book in this amazing mythical setting!



I am supremely disappointed with what I found for Atlantis. I would have really thought there would have been tons more with such an incredible setting! The one I thought of immediately was Acheron, which is partially set in Atlantis. Atlanteans actually feature throughout the series. Next I found this  M/M fantasy romance, The Last Sun, set on New Atlantis (?) that I'm definitely going to have to check out.



I am currently reading Loki: Where Mischief Lies and it's largely set on Asgard. I haven't finished it, but so far I'm going to say I definitely recommend it! Judging by the synopsis, The Hammer of Thor also appears to be set on Asgard. This series actually sounds pretty interesting!

Have you read any of these?
Do you know of any others with these settings?
Let me know in the comments!